Developer Agenda

08:00: Registration

Collect your name badge, welcome bag and grab breakfast before the conference starts at 9am. 

09:00: Welcome to Ascend

Welcome to Ascend London 2019 with Peter Yeung, VP and General Counsel, Episerver

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09:10: Keynote: Episerver Product Strategy and Roadmap, Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer

Join Episerver's Cheif Product Officer, Justin Anovick, to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2019 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences.

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09:50: Guest Keynote: Cate Trotter

Presenter: Cate Trotter, Head of Trends

10:30: Morning Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

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11:00: Keynote with Deane Barker

Engineering Content Delivery: It's Time for a Specialist

The banner of "content management" has been stretched so far it's about to snap. It's time we acknowledged that on the other side of the publish button lies a developing world of delivery and optimization technologies that are in need of their own specialists.

Presenter: Deane Barker, Senior Product Strategy Director 

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11:25: Development Roadmap 2020

Episerver Development Roadmap 2020

Presenter: David Bowen, Vice President, Product Management, Episerver

11:50: Episerver Expert: New personalization features in Episerver Insight

Segmenting profiles based on a few properties has been around for some time. New functionally will soon come, where you can create segments based on historical data (tracking events) in almost any way you like. Come and watch my session, where I will create a custom segment based on historical data.

Presenter: Jonas, with a history as developer in CMS Core team, as well as Commerce team, are currently Manager for the Search & Big Data development team in Stockholm

12:15: Lunch and Meet our Sponsors

Join us for a delicious 3 course lunch served in Bento Boxes. Chat to our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

13:55: Episerver Expert: Visitor group tracking to Episerver Insight and Profile store

In this hands-on developer session, you will learn how to use visitor group tracking in Episerver Insight to enrich Profile store data.

Presenter: David Buo, Solution Architect, Episerver

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14:15: EMVP session with Paul Gruffydd

Join this session to hear from EMVP, Paul Gruffydd

Presenter: Paul Gruffydd, AmazeRealise

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14:35: EMVP session: Dan Matthews

A Flickr of Recognition

TANKS!* SPORTS! MUSIC! We know what all these are, but until now our online interactions didn't. See a live code demo of how Microsoft and Episerver cloud technologies come together to give your digital assets more than just a Flickr of recognition. *contains Panzers

14:55: Episerver Expert: Modern content editing

How to build your clients website with the modern Javascript frameworks of your choice, and still keep your editors happy. 

John-Philip is Team Lead for CMS UI and works passionately for having great modern content editing.

15:15: Afternoon Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

15:45: Episerver Expert: The Episerver Reference Architecture

Join David as we take a look through the brand new Episerver reference architecture. Learn about its origins, how it’s been built and how you can help make it even better in the future. David will get hands on and set up a brand new site, live, during the session!

Presenter: David Knipe, Director of Solution Architects at Episerver


16:10: Episerver Expert: Sneak-peek of upcoming changes

Based on our road map and current development plans, we look at the intersection between working code and prototypes, and show which direction Episerver is moving.

Among other things, we are going to talk about .Net Core, CD API and other services.

Presenter: David Knipe, Director Solution Artchitects at Episerver

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16:40: Keynote Content is the Currency of Human Connection

Speaker: Deane Barker - Senior Director, Content Management Strategy, Episerver. 

17:20: 5 min quick fire Q&A with LanguageWire

Meet our sponsor LanguageWire in a 5 min quickfire Q&A with Joey Moore, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Episerver. Then head out to enjoy a drinks reception hosted by them. Thank you LanguageWire!

17:25: Summary and close

Thank you for joining us today, Peter will wrap up!

17:30: Drinks reception & Website Awards

Join us for canapes and drinks hosted by LanguageWire, followed by our Website Awards Ceremony then more food and drink and a 90s themed party to celebrate our 25th Birthday!