Business Agenda

08:00: Registration

Collect your name badge, welcome bag and grab breakfast before the conference starts at 9am. 

09:00: Welcome to Ascend

Welcome to Ascend London 2019 with Peter Yeung, VP and General Counsel, Episerver

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09:10: Keynote: Episerver Product Strategy and Roadmap, Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer

Join Episerver's Cheif Product Officer, Justin Anovick, to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2020 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences.

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09:50: Guest Keynote: Customer centricity through digital transformation

Customer centricity is the key to successful digital transformations. Many businesses have learnt this the hard way!

Technology shouldn’t be a barrier between your brand and the customer. Leading businesses use it to enable a better, more HUMAN experience.

Cate Trotter is an expert on world-leading brand experiences and customer interactions, having helped brands such as Nike, Galeries Lafayette, Lego, Unilever, Samsung and IKEA. She’ll help you understand rising customer expectations in your industry, by highlighting the best tech-driven experiences from a range of different sectors.

You’ll come away with a new set of benchmarks for customer centricity, and a new approach to utilise tech within your business.

Presenter: Cate Trotter, Head of Trends at Insider Trends

10:30: Morning Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

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11:00: Customer Keynote: Taking the premium experience of Profoto into the digital world of photographers with Valtech

1. Premium brands need to focus on how to convert their brand equity earned in the offline world, from its products and retail environments, and translate it into the online world - which is not only a challenge for UX and design. In the case of Profoto, a cross-functional team involved throughout the project made the unique user experience come alive.

2. We are riding the second wave of transformation - a shift from digitization of the selling of goods to delivering experiences. Profoto is the perfect example of how to extend your product offering to include value and experience based services. If you haven’t explored how services may impact your offering, now is the time.

3. As the world becomes more connected, you need to build a technical solution that can scale fast to encorporate new and emerging touchpoints. Profoto’s technical architecture and way of working allows for just that.

Presenters: Katharina Borgenstierna, Business Director, Valtech.  Fredrik Danielsson, System Developer, Valtech.

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11:25: Customer Keynote with Ocean Insight & Netcel: Digital selling through storytelling – A sea change at Ocean Insight

Ocean Insight present their business transformation story alongside Episerver Gold Partner, Netcel. The global leader in photonics technology, explore their journey from being a product-driven to purpose-driven organisation, increasing revenue through effective digital storytelling, powered by the content and commerce capabilities of Episerver DXC.

Presenters; Henry Langston, Chief Commercial Officer at Ocean Insight and Dan Geoffrey, Client Partnership Director, Netcel

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11:50: Customer Keynote with The Jockey Club &AmazeRealise: Five hurdles to success...

The Jockey Club sits at the heart of horse racing in the UK with the mission of safeguarding the future of the sport and getting more of us racing. As the owner of the 16 leading racecourses The Jockey Club embarked on a digital transformation programme to consolidate their digital estate in order to raise engagement with the fans, streamline the customer experience and maximise the revenue generated via digital channels.

Join us to discover the hurdles that had to be overcome in the race to create a digital experience platform focused on delivering a great Customer Experience, a consistent brand and, above all, higher sales. Learn how you can overcome these challenges, maximise the value of your investment in Episerver and continue to optimise the customer experience.

Presenters: Rebecca Hamilton, Group Head of Marketing at The Jockey Club and Paul Diamond, Chief Client Officer at AmazeRealise.

12:15: Lunch and Meet our Sponsors

Join us for a delicious 3 course lunch served in Bento Boxes. Chat to our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

Partner track
Digital Marketing track

13:55: Partnering with Episerver in 2020

Join Matt Pilgrim on Partnering with Episerver in 2020’ 

Presenter: Matt Pilgrim, Partner Development Director, Episerver

13:55: 10 things you should know about Episerver

Join us in this marketing session where we show you the 10 things you should know about Episerver. 

Rob will be presenting our top 10 tips for using Episerver to the best of its ability while demo-ing each element live to you on the stage. 

Presenters: Rob Stoves, Senior Solution Architect at Episerver

14:15: The how & why of the Episerver App Marketplace

Hear from Nicholas Rohr on how to publish your app in the Marketplace and what success partners have seen to date.

Presenter: Nicholas Rohr, Global Alliance Manager at Episerver

14:15: Expert Topics: Scale Intelligently

Gain insights on the latest study on how to scale intelligently across markets, geographies, or channels to reduce returns and increase revenue.

inRiver optimizes digital commerce by centralizing product information management; Lionbridge adds the seamless translation integration needed to create multilingual content that resonates with global audiences. We, together, help our customers with their multilingual content to deliver meaningful experiences to their customers around the world across all brand touchpoints. Learn how you can scale intelligently!

Presenters: inRiver & Lionbridge

14:35: The New Demo Platform

Come and see the new demo platform in action!

Presenter: David Knipe, Director, Solution Architects, Episerver 

14:35: How to drive lead generation with A/B testing and Progressive Profiling

In this marketing session, Rob will demo to you how you can drive lead generation through using our A/B testing functionality and progressive profiling. 

Presenter: Rob Stoves, Senior Solution Artchitect

14:55: The Future Might Be Distributed

What would a content management system look like if it didn't actually "manage" any content? What if content originated in other systems and was then pushed into a CMS? In the future, we might find that a "CMS" has become a coordination, delivery, and optimization platform for a wide array of backend content sources. In this brave new world, where do we draw the boundaries, how do we architect the big picture, and what is the value proposition?

Speaker: Deane Barker, Senior Director, Content Management Strategy, Episerver. 

14:55: How to create an engaging experience using blocks

Join our marketing session and discover how you can create engaging experiences using blocks through a live demo on stage.

Presenter: David Buo, Solution Architect, Episerver

15:15: Afternoon Coffee Break

Refresh with a beverage and snack. Meet our sponsors and mingle in the Epi lounge. 

15:45: Customer Keynote with Made To Engage & Eason's

It’s been two years since Eason launched its new E-Commerce experience, powered by Episerver’s Experience Driven Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics. 


The results that followed were outstanding, but the story doesn’t end there.  In this session, we’ll be showcasing Eason’s drive to continuously optimise and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Discover how Made to Engage and Eason are using Episerver Insights and Analytics across all owned data to create highly personalised experiences, advancing customer engagement and driving growth in one of retail’s toughest sectors. 

Presenters: Steven Cassin, Made To Engage, Michael Robinson, Eason's

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16:10: Guest Keynote: Matthew Griffin

During his presentation Matthew Griffin will not only provide the audience with insights into the future, up to 20 years out, and deep future, up to 50 years out, and how it will impact business and society, but will also provide the audience with the tools and critical thinking that individuals and leaders can use to envision it for themselves, and then create and lead it. 

Presenter: Matthew Griffin, Founder and CEO of the 311 Institute and World Futures Forum

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16:40: Keynote Content is the Currency of Human Connection

Speaker: Deane Barker - Senior Director, Content Management Strategy, Episerver. 

17:20: 5 min quick fire Q&A with LanguageWire

Meet our sponsor LanguageWire in a 5 min quickfire Q&A with Joey Moore, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Episerver. Then head out to enjoy a drinks reception hosted by them. Thank you LanguageWire!

17:25: Summary and close

Thank you for joining us today, Peter will wrap up!

17:30: Drinks reception & Website Awards

Join us for canapes and drinks hosted by LanguageWire, followed by our Website Awards Ceremony then more food and drink and a 90s themed party to celebrate our 25th Birthday!