Developer Track - Monday

7:00AM: Registration sponsored by Rightpoint opens

Registration opens by the Egg Wall in the Lobby Area at Fontainebleau. Please note that registration is open until 5pm on Monday. 

7:30AM: Breakfast & Expo

Enjoy a lovely breakfast served in the Partner Village. The breakfast is sponsored by Annex Cloud. 

8:40AM: Welcome to Ascend 2019!

Join us in general session and learn how to get the best out of this year's Ascend conference.

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8:50AM: Keynote: Episerver Product Strategy and Roadmap with Chief Product Officer, Justin Anovick

Join Episerver's Chief Product Officer, Justin Anovick to get right up-to-date on Episerver’s vision and product strategy for 2019 and beyond. You'll understand what Episerver's product roadmap for content, commerce, and marketing means to you and how it translates into significant investments we’ve made in areas such as cross-channel campaign management, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous personalization, all designed to empower you to achieve continuous one-to-one engagement with your customers through truly immersive experiences.

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9:35AM: Keynote: Content is the Currency of Human Connection

Speaker: Deane Barker - Senior Director, Content Management Strategy, Episerver. 

10:20AM: Break

Reload your batteries in the Partner Village during the morning coffee break. Break is sponsored by Diagram. 

10:50AM: Customer Story: Co-shopping Experiences - Vattenfall

Episerver Commerce and SignalR Core together can provide real-time synchronization of two shoppers' web browsers, to create a single collaborative shopping session. This is close to the real-time shopping experience of a family or friends in a supermarket. Shoppers could shop together in a joint session, Share products and add into the basket. Shoppers can split payments for their items in the basket also. The site will be recommending products based on the chat between shoppers.

Speaker: Khurram Khan, EMVP & Wessel Tepstra, EMVP. 


11:30AM: Extending Episerver's content delivery API

Learn how to tweak and extend the Content Delivery API to customize your own needs. 

Speaker: Alf Nilsson, EMVP. 

12:00PM: Lunch

Lunch will be served in Partner Village. Lunch is sponsored by Brilliance & Voicify. 


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1:00PM: Panel Discussion with customers

Panel Discussion with customers led by Nate Barad, Director Product Marketing, Episerver. 


  • Rachel Chapman, Manager, Digital & Web Strategy, Rapid7
  • Sharon Shepard, Director, Digital Marketing, Optos
  • Jeff Shih, Senior Director, Global Web, Benefit Cosmetics
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1:50PM: Development Roadmap 2020

Speaker: Aniel Sud, VP Software Engineering, Episerver. 

2:30PM: Beyond meta tags - SEO for modern Episerver development

Mention SEO and most people's thoughts will turn to meta tags but times have changed. Modern search engines determine search rank based on over 200 factors, primarily focused on rewarding expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) together with a quality user experience. So how can we ensure the sites we build provide maximum organic SEO performance and empower our editors to produce search engine friendly content? Join EMVP Paul Gruffydd to explore some of the factors search engines use to evaluate a site, and learn how we can build on Episerver's features and functionality to develop search engine optimised sites - whether they are built as a traditional coupled CMS site or take a headless approach.

Speaker: Paul Gruffydd, EMVP, AmazeRealise. 

3:00PM: Break

Reload your batteries in the Partner Village during the afternoon coffee break. Break is sponsored by Diagram. 

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3:30PM: The Future Might Be Distributed

What would a content management system look like if it didn't actually "manage" any content? What if content originated in other systems and was then pushed into a CMS? In the future, we might find that a "CMS" has become a coordination, delivery, and optimization platform for a wide array of backend content sources. In this brave new world, where do we draw the boundaries, how do we architect the big picture, and what is the value proposition?

Speaker: Deane Barker, Senior Director, Content Management Strategy, Episerver. 

4:10PM: Code Mania

Speaker: Fredrik Haglund

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4:50PM: How to turn your Episerver site into a high-performing, App-like experience

Join The C2 Group as we review progressive web applications (PWAs), including the basic steps for PWA setup within Episerver.

Speaker: Jon Price, C2 Group. 

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5:20PM: Cocktail Reception in Partner Village sponsored by Valtech

As the 1st day at Episerver Ascend comes to a close, it’s time to step out of the sessions and labs, and into our Monday Night Reception, featuring good conversation and even better libations. This year, our Cocktail Reception is sponsored by Valtech.

Developer Track Agenda